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Multiply the efficiency of your investments to replace your water supply networks

(Français) HpO intelligence artificielle pour l'optimisation du renouvellement des réseaux d'eau potable

Your data
Your context

Our artificial intelligence
Our multi-utility database

Your preferences
Your budget
Your quantities

Your targeted replacement
Your optimised investments
Your improved performances

Your needs

Ageing, extended networks? Frequent failures? Where to replace?

A limited budget, constrained by water tariffs?

Insufficient replacement? 0.3%, 0.5%, 1% every year?

A feeling you should better program your replacement?

The duty to pass on infrastructure in good condition state to future generations

  • Altereo votre besoin notre solution
  • HpO réduisez vos fuites d'eau
  • HpO évitez les casses
  • HpO Ne laissez pas se dégrader vos réseaux d'eau
Our solution, our breakthrough technology, HpO®
HpO® artificial intelligence for the optimisation of water supply network replacement

Artificial intelligence self-learning from data
The end of predefined rules, your data speaks

Higher performance prediction of failure risks
Avoid the most impacting future breaks
Improvement of replacement efficiency up to 10 times!
Your budgets become clearly more significant
Reach unequaled performances with your regular budgets
Example obtained on a real case: network of 391 km with a replacement value of 80 M€HT

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Immediately accessible, even to data-poor water utilities

The HpO® multi-utility database already contains:

  • 350,000 pipes and service connections
  • 25,000 failures
  • 30 years of historic depth

It completes and enhances your own data
No more need to wait to access high-end asset management!

La base de données multiservices HpO® contient déjà : 350 000 tronçons 25 000 défaillances 30 ans de profondeur historique Elle vient compléter et enrichir vos propres données Plus besoin d’attendre pour accéder à la gestion patrimoniale évoluée !
YOUR works program

Beyond failure risks, HpO® evaluates the potential impact of every predicted failure on several performance indicators

Then, it’s up to you: you have a hand on the cursors!

  • Your preferences
  • Your budget
  • Your quantities

Compare strategies, calibrate your works program, plan your operations

Beyond failure risks, HpO® evaluates the potential impact of every predicted failure on several performance indicators
The only system processing service connections (and more)
HpO the only system processing service connections

An unexploited potential for non-revenue water management
Present-day approches on water network replacement focus on mains

An unsuspected financial lever acting on 50% of the leakage volume
Replacing service connections cost 4 times less for as much yield gained!

Maximisation of network replacement efficiency
Winning mix of mains and service connection replacement strategies

And that’s not all! HpO® goes where no other approach has gone before
HpO® can also analyse other network organs (valves, taps, collars, etc)

Our credibility

Pionneers and leaders inwater network asset management

15 years of R&D and experience in the field

Awarded by the “Programme d’Investissements d’Avenir”

Exclusive rights, patent pending

HpO lauréat du programme d'investissements d'avenir
HpO lauréat du programme d'investissements d'avenir
HpO® for you

Expert formula

Expert analysis by Altereo, in collaboration with you
You always have a hand on the cursors through a Web access

Altereo can help you identify and secure funding from international institutions

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HpO optimising network replacement
And for sewer networks?
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Our main references


Mont de Marsan


Asset management study for the water network of Mont de Marsan and Saint Pierre du Mont

Constructing an optimised pipeline renewal programme via SIROCO®

300 km of networks
15 boreholes
7 reservoirs


Nha Trang (Vietnam)


Implementing an autonomous GIS service and optimising the renewal of drinking water networks

Implementing a dedicated water supply GIS – Cart@jour
Setting up an autonomous GIS service for the water service provider
Optimised network renewal strategy with the help of the SIROCO® expert system

750 km of networks


PIPDA (Belgium)


Pilot asset management project for PIPDA (Anvers Province) networks with the joint support of KANEW and SIROCO®

Pilot project on 937 km of networks
Projection and long-term planning for the 50 upcoming years with KANEW
Short-term programming with SIROCO®

937 km of networks




Drinking water supply system diagnosis

Initialisation of an asset management strategy through upgrades in knowledge and forecasting of failures

264 km of networks
11 reservoirs