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HpO®, artificial intelligence for RESPONSIBLE water network asset management

Optimises network leak survey and  detection
Prioritises replacement of main and service connections
Enhances the efficiency of your network replacement budget
Multiplies the number of avoid leaks in the future

The film on HpO® for the French Grand Prize for Engineering

HpO® wins the French Grand Prize for Engineering 2019

« Territories et innovation » category

(Français) HpO intelligence artificielle pour l'optimisation du renouvellement des réseaux d'eau potable

Your network
Your data
Your context

Our experience
Our expertise
artificial intelligence

Your preferences
Your budget
Your quantities

Your replacements targeted
Your investments optimised
Your performances improved

Your needs

Ageing, extended networks? Frequent failures? Where to replace?

A limited budget, constrained by water tariffs?

Insufficient replacement? 0.3%, 0.5%, 1% every year?

A feeling you should better program your replacement?

The duty to pass on infrastructure in good condition state to future generations

  • Altereo votre besoin notre solution
  • HpO réduisez vos fuites d'eau
  • HpO évitez les casses
  • HpO Ne laissez pas se dégrader vos réseaux d'eau

You want to implement
a high performance asset management stategy

Altereo assists you whatever your degree of maturity

Our solution, our breakthrough technology HpO®

No more predefined rules, artificial intelligence gives meaning to massive data

L'intelligence artificielle HpO apprend seule de vos données

Efficient prediction of failure risks, avoid up to 10 times more leaks in the future

Example below obtained on a real case : 391 km of networks valued at 80 million euros. If the utility could have benefited from the HpO® IA prediction, 50% of leaks actually observed could have been avoided by replacing only 5% of the network !

Prédiction des défaillances futures

Mechanical improvment of replacement efficiency, your budgets become clearly more significant !

YOUR works program

Limit the duration of leaks

Beyond failure risks, HpO® estimates the potential impact of each future failure based on several performance indicators

Then, it’s up to you: you have the hand on the levers!

  • Your preferences
  • Your budget
  • Your quantities

Compare strategies, program your works, plan your worksites

Reduce the number of leaks in the future

Au-delà des risques de défaillances, HpO® évalue l’impact potentiel de chaque défaillance prédite sur plusieurs indicateurs de performance Ensuite, c’est à vous de jouer : vous avez la main sur les curseurs ! Vos préférences Votre budget Votre linéaire annuel Comparez les stratégies, dimensionnez vos travaux, planifiez vos chantiers
The only system processing service connections (and more)
HpO the only system processing service connections

An unexploited potential for non-revenue water management
Present-day approches on water network replacement focus on mains

An unsuspected financial lever acting on 50% of the leakage volume
Replacing service connections cost 4 times less for as much yield gained!

Maximisation of network replacement efficiency
Winning mix of mains and service connection replacement strategies

And that’s not all! HpO® goes where no other approach has gone before
HpO® can also analyse other network organs (valves, taps, collars, etc)

Become an international partner

Engineering or IT companies adressing water utilities

Our credibility

Pionneers and leaders in water network asset management

15 years of R&D and experience in the field

“Programme d’Investissements d’Avenir” Award

French Grand Prize for Engineering

Exclusive rights, patented technology

HpO lauréat du programme d'investissements d'avenir
HpO® for you

Expert formula

Expert analysis by Altereo, in collaboration with you
You always have a hand on the cursors through a Web access

Altereo can help you identify and secure funding from international institutions

Talk to an expert
HpO optimising network replacement
And for sewer networks ?
Our references

To this day, HpO® is deployed in several cities like Chartres, Noumea and even in Namibia and will soon be in Orleans, Limoges and Tours.

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