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Kilowater®, reduce pressure, reduce leakage and generate green electricity on drinking water networks 2021-04-20T10:14:08+02:00

Innovative engineering
for drinking water networks


Schéma Eau Energie Climat Kilowater Altereo EN

Ecological AND energy transition

Reducing pressure means mechanically reducing the flow of leaks, preserving water resources, improving the energy balance and acting for the climate.

Our support

We analyse your drinking water networks to:

  • Assess the pressure reduction potential
  • Determine the optimal implementation of micro-turbines
  • Calculate the benefits (efficiency, electricity savings/sales, carbon footprint)
  • Study the feasibility of each solution
  • Support the project implementation (project management, administrative support)
Our engineering services
Schema Services Kilowater EN
GIF Kilowater clusters

Favourable configuration?
Distribution of production ?
Distribution of consumption ?

Where should I place my turbine?
What profits?
What is the yield?

Where is the excess energy?
Energy dissipation?
Where to place it precisely?
Which technologies / which characteristic curves?

Determination of technical, economic
and socio-environmental indicators

Our differentiation

Algorithms from an R&D project awarded by the French Programme d’Investissements d’Avenir

Analysis to optimise pressure reduction

Approach to hydroelectricity by specialists of water networks

Complete project management for the execution of the works

Excess energy

Kilowater Altereo Energie en exces

Dissipated energy

Kilowater Altereo Energie dissipee

Network optimisation

Kilowater 6 clusters
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