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Consultants for projects in Southern Africa


We are a French environmental engineering consulting firm. For projects in Anglophone Southern Africa, we are seeking the following short-term consultants :

  1. Team Leader / Project Manager (over 10 years of experience managing projects as team leader);
  2. Senior Water Supply Engineer (over 10 years of experience);
  3. Desalination Expert (over 10 years of experience);
  4. Solar Power System Expert (over 8 years of experience);
  5. Mechanical Engineer (over 10 years of experience);
  6. Electrical / SCADA Engineer (over 10 years of experience);
  7. Environmental Expert (over 8 years of experience); and
  8. Financial Expert / Economist (over 8 years of experience providing services for projects in the water sector)

The following services are expected from the consulting team:

  • Assessment of long-term availability of existing conventional and non-conventional water resources;
  • Analysis of current water consumption pattern and projection of future water demand for domestic, commercial/administrative and industrial consumer groups including aspects of improved NRW and enhanced operation strategies;
  • Assessment of the work performance of a desalination plant and preparation of options for allowing the integration of this plant into the national long-term water supply concept;
  • Investigation of alternative desalination plant options under consideration of RO, MED and MSF technologies;
  • Analysis of the status-quo and the capacity of existing water transfer schemes along the coast and preparation of concepts for future integration;
  • Design of optimized technical and operation concepts for water transfer from the coastal area to the capital;
  • Elaboration of concepts for solar power generation and / or energy supply through the national grid for the long-term operation of the desalination and transfer scheme;
  • Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA);
  • Cost estimation, financial & sensitivity analyses and tariff study
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