After receiving the French National Grand Prize for Engineering last year, Altereo has just been awarded the GreenTech Innovation label for its work on the responsible replacement of drinking water networks based on artificial intelligence (A.I.).

This label is consistent with the conclusions of the French Water Forum in 2019 on the need to better renew water networks. The 8th report of the water observatory shows that, despite the annual replacement of 1.5 billion euros worth of pipes in France, the volume of leaks is not decreasing and still represents 1 billion m³. The solutions proposed by Altereo, in particular HpO® and A.I., enable replacement with exceptional efficiency. Beyond the economic aspect, the waste of mobilised water resources appears more unacceptable than ever in a context of climate change.

GreenTech Innovation is an initiative of the Ministry of Ecological and Solidarity Transition.

Launched in February 2016, “GreenTech Innovation” aims to develop new uses and services for citizens through the exploitation of open data and digital tools.

All areas of ecological transition are concerned: energy savings, renewable energies, sustainable building, clean transport, risk management, circular economy, health protection, biodiversity.

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