Altereo and Sustainable Development Goals

Awakening environmental intelligence, this is Altereo’s raison d’être, and it is the affirmation of its 30-year commitment to sustainable cities and territories. This commitment translates into services for more efficient public services and our investment in the development of our employees.

Our commitments and partners

Member of the Global Compact

Altereo is committed to implementing actions related to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), in its activities as well as in its internal operations. Altereo is a Global Compact Ambassador for the Southern region.

partenariat francais pour l'eau

French water partnership

Goal 6 of the 17 SDGs is specifically dedicated to water. Altereo is committed as a member of the French Water Partnership through the Water & SDGs advocacy which is developed around 3 main priorities:

  • Recognize the inescapable role of water in achieving of SDGs
  • Establishing international water governance: towards the establishment of UN intergovernmental bodies
  • Giving oneself the means to successfully implement and monitor SDGs
Altereo signe la charte de l'ingénierie pour le climat

Signatory of the Climate Engineering Charter

Altereo is committed to promoting virtuous policies in its missions and to reducing its carbon footprint by reducing its travel.


Partnership with the Institut National de l’Economie Circulaire (National Institute of Circular Economy)

Altereo and the Institut National de l’Economie Circulaire (National Institute of Circular Economy) are pooling their skills to carry out missions to develop the circular economy.

Partnership with Up2green Reforestation

Altereo favours videoconference meetings with its clients. To encourage them to adopt this principle, Altereo converts this “reforestation capital” into a donation to Up2green; the client then receives a label “We support Up2green Reforestation via Altereo”.

Charter ZERO Plastic Waste in the Region Provence-Alpes-Côte-d’Azur

Altereo is committed to raising awareness of plastic waste reduction, implementing a reasoned use of plastics and recovering the plastic waste produced.

Our internal practices

Waste, consumables and energy

Altereo is committed to the Reduce – Reuse – Recycle principle and has implemented these practices in all its branches: selective sorting, battery recovery, printing of documents on both sides, use of ecological cleaning products, verification of water consumption, elimination of plastic consumables, distribution of metal water bottles to all employees, relaying the campaigns of the No Plastic in My Sea association, zero paper policy at trade fairs and in terms of energy, reminder of the rules in favour of reducing energy consumption on our premises.

Digital Sobriety

In addition to reducing the printing of paper documents, Altereo advocates the deletion of useless e-mails and their attachments, encourages download links and discourages streaming.

Transport and teleworking

The occasional teleworking set up at Altereo and videoconferencing have an impact on reducing daily travel. The reduction of our emissions in 2019 is 18 tons of CO2.

Work environment

The improvement of the working environment is regularly the subject of measures proposed by the “CSE” (Social and Economic Committee), the employees or at the initiative of the management. In 2019, a review was launched at each site.

The actions have been classified into three categories: practical life at work, atmosphere and environment.

Involvement of employees in the company’s strategy

The creation of the #notrealtereo2022 (ouraltereo2022) program has enabled some fifteen employees to be involved in the company’s future: strategic positioning, future business lines and operations.

Our activities in relation to the 17 SDGs

Altereo Ingenierie Eau Environnement
Water & environmental engineering
SDG 6 - Clean water and Sanitation

Altereo has been investing for 30 years in the theme of heritage management of drinking water networks. Altereo was awarded the French National Grand Prize for Engineering in 2019 for HpO®, its artificial intelligence system that increases the efficiency of drinking water network renewal and significantly reduces leaks for Responsible Renewal and High Performance of water services.

SDG 7 - Affordable and clean energy

Altereo innovates in the water-energy nexus with its Kilowater offer: algorithms and engineering to identify potential, optimize design and support the installation of microturbines on drinking water networks to generate clean, local energy.

SDG 13 - Climate action

The deterioration of drinking water networks causes leaks that can exceed 50% in some countries (20% in France). In addition to wasting water resources, the impact of leaks on greenhouse gas emissions is estimated at a quarter of that of world air traffic.

SDG 14 - Life below water

Altereo supports the No Plastic in my sea association and in 2019 carried out a study for the WWF (World Wildlife Fund) to evaluate plastic production deposits and their flows in the South of France.

Cities & Territories
SDG 15 - Life on land

Altereo has carried out an R&D program on the impact of urban sprawl on agricultural land and water quality. This study targeted in particular the large megacities whose extension reduces fertile agricultural land.

Altereo is an important player in urban planning. Our 5 agencies in France work with municipalities to develop urban planning documents that take into account environmental issues, including those related to climate change. Our work on water networks also contributes to reducing water consumption in cities in France and around the world.

Altereo has carried out an R&D program on GIS (Geographic Information System) modeling of ecological corridors (green and blue frames).

SDG 12 - Responsible consumption and production

For several years, Altereo has been assisting the Southern Region in its policy of supporting the circular economy concerning waste, particularly waste from the construction industry. Altereo also assists the local authorities of the Region in the integration of the circular economy in public contracts.

Geographic Intelligence Solutions
SDG 9 - Industry, innovation and infrastructure

Altereo invests 5% of its turnover in innovation. Over the past 30 years, we have carried out some fifteen innovation projects in the fields of geographic information systems, resource protection, water network asset management, biodiversity, green energy, etc.

Our dynamism in this area has earned us the bpifrance EXCELLENCE label for several years.