Reducing leaks in drinking water networks
also means wasting less energy and acting for the climate.

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The production of drinking water in the World requires, for pumping and treatment, 1% of the electricity consumed on the planet. This is as much as the electricity consumption of Australia or half that of France.

Leakage accounts for 20%of the water produced in France and over 50% in many countries, which means that 100 TWh of energy is wasted worldwide every year.

This unnecessary production of drinking water also emits 55 millions tons CO2 equivalent, or almost 0,15% of global emissions.

Reducing leakage by half would avoid the production of electricity equivalent to 15 nuclear reactors of 900 MW or the CO2 emissions of 55 thermal power plants.

The first water resource in the World is the water that is already in the pipelines!

At Altereo, our engineering services are focused as much on eradicating leaks in drinking water networks as on optimising the electricity consumption of water utilities, using 3 levers:

  • reducing the duration of leaks (where to look for them first)
  • reducing the number of leaks (which pipes and service connections to replace for maximum efficiency)
  • reducing the flow of leakage (by reducing the pressure)

Our R&D now provides us with:

  • Hp, our artificial intelligence which identifies the network components with the highest failure risks so as to implement Responsible Asset Management
  • Kilowater®, our tool that simultaneously reduces the flow of leakage  and identifies local electricity generation opportunities
  • KIS® our GIS dedicated to water network management, including Hp collect which provides a daily link with field agents

We offer our customers the opportunity to benefit from our unique technologies and know-how to ensure the efficiency of their water distribution infrastructures and to succeed in their ecological and energy transition.

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