Compliance with External Fire Defense

Qualify and quantify technical and financial means to ensure competence

Identify what is lacking and ensure your legal responsibilities

Protect your population and your infrastructure

Our Support
Altereo Édition de Systèmes d’Intelligence géographique

Diagnosis of the current situation: inventory of equipment and issues to defend

Close public consultation with the primary actors
(Fire safety and rescue department, drinking water operators)

Quantified technical solutions in line with the new regulations

Technical, juridical and financial organization of the competence

Preparation of Fire Safety Master Plans on GIS

Extraits cartographies DECI
What distinguishes us

Drinking water network engineering

Hydraulic modeling for the evaluation of the available flow on the network

Capacity for managing transfert and organisation of competences

Capacity for providing a specialised, sector-specific GIS

Distance calculation algorithm by carriageways (zone of reach for water sources)

Prioritisation of action plans by risk levels

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