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Our main references

Mont de Marsan


Asset management study for the water network of Mont de Marsan and Saint Pierre du Mont

Constructing an optimised pipeline renewal programme via SIROCO®

300 km of networks
15 boreholes
7 reservoirs


Nha Trang (Vietnam)


Study and support in the modernisation of the management techniques to improve the water supply service

Deployment of  Cartajour Water Supply GIS
Setting up an autonomous GIS team within the water utility
Optimised water network replacement strategy using the SIROCO® expert system

750 km of networks



Nha Trang, The Government of Vietnam has set forth a target policy to phase out subsidies to water supply services. Decree 117 has granted the financial autonomy to water supply companies to stimulate the development of their financial independence. To achieve this target, the water supply companies need to modernize their management techniques to reduce their operating costs and design more cost-effective investment program. The project will provide tools to the beneficiary to improve the water supply system efficiency.
The project is implemented in 3 phases:

  • Phase 1: Institutional analysis – Needs assessment – Preparation of technical specifications
  • Phase 2: Design and implementation of the GIS – Provision of training courses
  • Phase 3: Use of the GIS for asset management and preparation of investment plan


Project Description

The project implementation comprised the following three phases:

  • Mission A: Assessment of the beneficiary’s needs in terms of GIS
    Survey of the water supply service organization, the available data and the workforce competence; redaction of the specifications for the implementation of the GIS during the project
  • Mission B: Implementation of the GIS and data acquisition
  • Mission C : Elaboration of an optimized investment strategy for network rehabilitation

Detailed study to establish an optimised network rehabilitation program, SIROCO®

Modelling of the impact factors causing interventions on the network and prediction of future breaks

Multi-criteria analysis for several criteria in terms of reduction of breaks impact on the network


PIPDA (Belgium)


Pilot asset management project for PIPDA (Anvers Province) networks with the joint support of KANEW and SIROCO®

Pilot project on 937 km of networks
Projection and long-term planning for the 50 upcoming years with KANEW
Short-term programming with SIROCO®



Following the International Water Association’s reference conference on wealth management, LESAM 2009 in Miami, Altereo and its partner Baur+Kropp were among the six organizations worldwide invited by the Dutch research center KWR to present their wealth management solutions. The aim was to participate in a workshop gathering the 10 water utilities of the Netherlands, as well as water utilities from Northern Belgium. Altereo and Baur+Kropp presented a joint approach for optimised planning of short- and long-term renewal through the application of their respective expert systems SIROCO® and KANEW®.

This approach appealed to the Belgian operator PIDPA, which operates no less than 12 500 km of drinking water networks and 2 500 km of wastewater networks in the province of Antwerp. PIDPA proposed to Altereo and Baur+Kropp to carry out a pilot project on its network.


Project Description

The pilot project was framed by three workshops:

  • Workshop to explain the methodology for identifying data
  • Workshop to present preliminary results, reframe the approach and refine the analysis by completing the data and hypothesis formulation
  • Feedback workshop with the results on the pilot area, conclusions and recommendations for wide application

The specific results on the pilot area were as follows:

  • Failure prediction for all sections of the pilot area
  • Short-term renewal programming with SIROCO® which targeted critical pipes according to performance objectives
  • Visibility on long-term renewal efforts with KANEW®

The pilot project has given full satisfaction to PIDPA, which has integrated the recommendations of Altereo and Baur+Kropp and is preparing the next steps in the consolidation of its asset management.





Drinking water supply system diagnosis

Initialisation of an asset management strategy through upgrades in knowledge and forecasting of failures

264 km of networks
11 reservoirs