Ensure the safety of drinking-water supply

Identify potential hazards and associated risks

Have a water safety management plan ready

Reassure consumers and encourage the consumption of tap water

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Our support

Identification of dangerous events
Evaluation and classification of associated risks
Determination of risk management measures

Preparation of an improvement/upgrading plan
Tools for the sustainability of the WSP and knowledge transfer

Support in the operational implementation of the WSP

What distinguishes us

Plurality of our competences: Hydraulics, process, public service management

Technical and regulatory expertise with respect to the preparation and monitoring of a WSP

Active member of the ASTEE group (2018); ASTEE is responsible for reflections towards the harmonization of WSP methods in France in anticipation of the entry of the revised European Drinking Water Directive into force

Main reference

Orléans Métropole


State of assets and preparation of a drinking water master plan

Preparation of the WSP, the master plan and the intermunicipal plan for External Defense against Fire Hazards

1500 km of networks
82,300 consumer meters
30 catchment areas
20 facilities for water treatment
6 land-level or semi-buried reservoirs
32 water towers




Asset Audit and Drinking Water Master Plan with WSP Component

Inventory, situation analysis, development and master plan, modeling software and capacity building of personnel

980 km of networks
29 reservoirs