2015 – 2018

Study of the diagnosis for the rehabilitation of the water supply system of the city of Medea

Competency transfer to local staff on field operations,
Leak detection, monitoring



The Drinking Water Supply of the city of Medea is provided 60% from the Ghrib Dam (Ghrib-Medea transfer for about 24km of water supply) and 38% from the Chiffa-Medea transfer (ensured by the 03 intake points of Wadis Chiffa, El-Djir and El-Merdja) for about ~ 14 km of the conveyance line.

Underground resources (drilling and springs) account for only 2% of the volume distributed.

Due to the state of advanced dilapidation of the downtown DWS network, existing since 1866, huge losses have been recorded (leaks not apparent).

Due to strong demographic pressure, demand is increasing with the expansion of the urban fabric, the realization of the new urban and university hub, the rehabilitation of the Harbil and Draâ-Smar areas of activity and the realization of the commercial district of Ouzera.


Project Description

  • Mission A: preparing a digitized mapping system to develop and update the maps of the DWS system (production and distribution)
  • Mission B: diagnosis of the distribution system, its operation, maintenance and management, in order to identify the causes of dysfunction and the weaknesses of current yields
  • Mission C: diagnosis of the production system; development of variant studies, yield enhancement, economic studies and recommendations
  • Mission D: identification of developments, renovations and extensions of the system to meet the demand for drinking water by 2040 on the basis of projections of the population within this timeframe/the corresponding water demand, applied to the mathematical model that will be the tool to define the necessary network extensions.

*estimate of industrial demand conducted separately.