Setting up a GIS specialized in drinking water network management with GPS solution



In this World Bank financed project, Altereo, in partnershop with D2E, was selected by the REGIDESO to set up a GIS with GPS Solution for drinking water network metering in the city of Bujumbura, capital of Burundi.

Altereo was expected to provide the following:

  • The complete Cart@jour® GIS licence with a module for GPS import/export
  • Microsoft server for Windows 2008 with SQL Server express
  • Windows 7 PC and connections
  • Colour A3 Printer
  • 3 bi-frequence GPS Trimble receptors with tripod and stand


Project Description

Cartographic data were recovered and integrated, especially background maps and a part of the network with the main structuring objects.

The modus operandi selected for this purpose takes into account the fact that the GPS station closest to Bujumbura is situated at a distance of 130km. In order to improve the precision of the topographic surveys, it was decided that a differential mode would be used with a local or base station installed within the REGIDESO.

This functions together with the measures taken by the technicians with their receptors. A differential correction was applied to the collected data. The creation of this local station necessitated the measurement process from a geodetic point located at Bujumbura Airport.

 Once the measurements are taken, the base can be installed definitively at the premises of REGIDESO within an obstacle-free zone – for example the roof or an abandonned water tower.