Yaoundé and three Secondary Cities Project: Assistance to CAMWATER for the Project Technical Management


Project Management
Technical Assistance



Created following the presidential decree of 31 December 2005, placed under technical supervision of the Water Ministry and under financial supervision of the Finance Ministry, CAMWATER is a public utility having the objective of management of assets and rights allocated to public drinking water services in urban and peri-urban areas on behalf of the State.

The Yaoundé and Three Secondary Cities project, with an amount of 110M€, aims for the construction and rehabilitation of drinking water treatment stations in the cities of Yaoundé, Edéa, Bertoua and N’Gaoundéré, along with the reinforcement of transfer, storage and distribution mechanisms.

It is expected that by 2015, about 180,000 users, of which 50,000 in the three secondary cities, will be provided with access to drinking water via individual connections or fountains.


Project Description

Altereo worked with CAMWATER to provide technical assistance and training, particularly focusing on:

  • Support and capacity building for project management
  • Support and capacity building towards environmental management
  • Support and capacity building for hydraulic modeling of drinking water network
  • Support and capacity building for the design, implementation and utilisation of a GIS