2018 – 2020

Project to secure the drinking water supply system, through diagnostic analyses and master plan preparation of the distribution network in the Municipality of Keetmanshoop

Diagnosis of the conveyance system
Diagnosis of the distribution system
Preparation of a Master Plan

Conveyance system: 45 km of networks

Distribution system: 150 km of networks



The project took form in 2016 following high level visit in France by Dr. Hage Geingob that brought together the Namibian authorities, the French Embassy in Namibia and Altereo to discuss the urgent water-related issues facing the country. Following multiple visits by Altereo to the country, priority areas were identified to deal with the problem of water network aging, leakages, deterioration, etc. and to ensure regular, uninterrupted water supply for the users.

It was decided that the pipeline serving Keetmanshoop Municipality from Naute dam required urgent rehabilitation. In addition, it was also decided that the distribution network within Keetmanshoop municipality would be analyzed, along with the preparation of a Water Supply Master Plan and a high performance asset management pilot project.


Project Description

Mission A: Diagnosis of the conveyance system

Data collection along the entire 45 km pipeline by GPS and drone. Localisation of about a hundred leaks interventoried via the KIS® Collect application mobile. Diagnosis of the facilities and electromechanical equipment.

Mission B: Diagnosis of the distribution system and preparation of a Master Plan

Setting up Altereo’s GIS, KIS. Measurement campaign, modeling, leak detection on the urban network, Altereo’s Artificial Intelligence solution HpO® for the optimization of network renewal, Master Plan for 2040