Pilot asset management project for PIPDA (Anvers Province) networks with the joint support of KANEW and SIROCO®

Pilot project on 937 km of networks
Projection and long-term planning for the 50 upcoming years with KANEW
Short-term programming with SIROCO®



Following the International Water Association’s reference conference on wealth management, LESAM 2009 in Miami, Altereo and its partner Baur+Kropp were among the six organizations worldwide invited by the Dutch research center KWR to present their wealth management solutions. The aim was to participate in a workshop gathering the 10 water utilities of the Netherlands, as well as water utilities from Northern Belgium. Altereo and Baur+Kropp presented a joint approach for optimised planning of short- and long-term renewal through the application of their respective expert systems SIROCO® and KANEW®.

This approach appealed to the Belgian operator PIDPA, which operates no less than 12 500 km of drinking water networks and 2 500 km of wastewater networks in the province of Antwerp. PIDPA proposed to Altereo and Baur+Kropp to carry out a pilot project on its network.


Project Description

The pilot project was framed by three workshops:

  • Workshop to explain the methodology for identifying data
  • Workshop to present preliminary results, reframe the approach and refine the analysis by completing the data and hypothesis formulation
  • Feedback workshop with the results on the pilot area, conclusions and recommendations for wide application

The specific results on the pilot area were as follows:

  • Failure prediction for all sections of the pilot area
  • Short-term renewal programming with SIROCO® which targeted critical pipes according to performance objectives
  • Visibility on long-term renewal efforts with KANEW®

The pilot project has given full satisfaction to PIDPA, which has integrated the recommendations of Altereo and Baur+Kropp and is preparing the next steps in the consolidation of its asset management.