Assistance à la mise en œuvre du plan de sectorisation AEP

Network modeling
Sectorization planning
Development of an action plan
Interconnection proposal



The present assignment is a technical assistance to Pully municipal government aiming to help the town:

  • reduce the water losses on its water supply network and get substantial financial savings for the town
  • reduce excess pressures on the network
  • change it current bulk water supply layout

Key figures:

  • Volume of water supplied: 1.75 million m3 (85% supplied from Lausanne city)
  • Total length of pipelines: 50 km
  • Total length of water connections: 50 km
  • Water connections: 2,000
  • Leakage rate: 20%


Project Description

  • Analysis of existing data and reports
  • Field surveys
  • Audit of the water supply network performance
  • Hydraulic modelling (construction and calibration)
  • Preparation of the network DMA zoning plan
  • Preparation of a pressure management strategy
  • Know-how transfer to Pully staff through on-the-job training