Water network performance audit for Fes City and definition of strategic orientations for the improvement of drinking water supply network yield

Diagnosis and audit of current performance
Performance Improvement Proposal
Reorganization of network operations
Establishment of a charter for performance maintenance

2,615 km of network



The project aimed to define strategic orientations for the future in order to continue with the improvement of the distribution network efficiency for the city of Fez, so as to reach 75% by 2015 and 80% by 2020.

Description du projet

The network’s initial yield is close to 60%, thanks to an action plan launched in 2002 with an overall budget of Dhs 240 million partly financed by an AFD loan (10 million euros).

  • Mission A: Diagnosis and audit of current performance
  • Mission B: Proposals for improving performance
  • Mission C: Reorganisation of the operations activity
  • Mission D: Preparation of a yield performance maintenance chart


Focus étude des défaillances de branchement

Altereo observed:

  • A very high number of failures, exceeding the repair capacity
  • The preponderance of failures on connection elements
  • Among these, a 50% breakage or cracking rate of the PE pipe of the connection

Altereo recommended:

  • A sampling campaign during repairs and laboratory analysis
  • Precautions for storage of PE rolls and installation of new connections