Technical assistance mission for the elaboration of a simplified evaluation system for Civil Engineering on a Saudi wastewater treatment plant in the Riyadh region

Technical support
Competency transfer to local staff on civil work diagnosis



SEURECA SAUDI has been awarded a contract for the modernization and rehabilitation of a large number of wastewater treatment plants in the Riyadh region of Saudi Arabia.

SEURECA called upon Altereo’s skills and expertise to provide technical support to:

  • Modify, improve and simplify VEOLIA’s pre-established diagnostic grids
  • Take part in the definition of the standard reports of simplified diagnosis of the Civil Engineering for the SEURECA SAUDI mission
  • Participate in the drafting of the booklet and methodology accompanying the simplified diagnosis grids and in particular the sharing of illustrations


Project Description

A first phase is conducted over 3 days to prepare the mission, including document analysis.

A second phase is conducted in Saudi Arabia and includes 3 days on site with travel to 3 sites.