Study for the Preparation of a Global Strategy for Water Sector Management and Climate Change Adaption in the Department of Zou

Climate Change



The department of Zou was settled following the drainage of the Ouémé River and one of its tributaries and is therefore regularly impacted due to flooding and water runoff. The outcome of this has been:

  • Damage to public and private infrastructure to varying degrees
  • Material losses as well as the loss of human lives

Altereo was selected to carry out a study at the scale of the 9 communes making up the departmental territory of the Communauté de Communues du Zou (CCZ) with the objective of addressing the issues of stormwater and river flooding and other related consequences in the context of changing climate patterns for an overall management strategy.

The human component was a priority for this project having the goal of protecting all concerned individuals against the risks of runoff and floods while at the same time protecting their economic activities and the structures.


Project Description

Given the scale and complexity of the project, an iterative approach was required bringing together:

  • The elected officials of Zou (CCZ)
  • Representatives of the State
  • General Directorate for Sanitation
  • General Directorate for Water (DG Eau)
  • Delegation for Territorial Development (DAT)

The study comprised of the following phases:

  • Diagnosis of the catchment of the Zou
  • Mapping the existing structures
  • Compendium of agricultural practices
  • Preparation of a Prioritized Program of Action per sector
  • Quantification of the Program of Action