Communauté de Communes de Zou (Benin)



2016 Study for the Preparation of a Global Strategy for Water Sector Management and Climate Change Adaption in the Department of Zou Flow Flood Climate Change   Context The department of Zou was settled following the drainage of the Ouémé River and one of its tributaries and is therefore regularly impacted due to flooding [...]

Centre for the Development of Enterprise (Brussels)



2006 then 2020 Training Program for SMEs of the Public Works sector: Maintenance of Water Networks (countries: Djibouti, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Senegal, Botswana, Zambia) A 100% capacity building mission focused on water utilities and local SMEs capacity building to offer subcontracting and develop business in the sector   Context CDE is an ACP/EU [...]

Seureca Veolia (Saudi Arabia)



2018 Technical assistance mission for the elaboration of a simplified evaluation system for Civil Engineering on a Saudi wastewater treatment plant in the Riyadh region Technical support Competency transfer to local staff on civil work diagnosis   Context SEURECA SAUDI has been awarded a contract for the modernization and rehabilitation of a large number [...]

Agence Nationale de l’Eau et de l’Assainissement (Cape Verde)



2016 Drinking Water Supply and Wastewater Master Plan for Santo Antão and Feasibility Study on the Sanitation Project for Porto Novo, Cape-Verde Study of water resources Training of ANAS staff   Context Altereo was awarded this contract financed by the French Development Agency together with the Senegalese firm EDE. Despite a limited surface area [...]

City of Niamey (Niger)



2014 - 2015 Development of a Fecal Sludge Management Services for the City of Niamey Diagnostics and recommendations PPP arrangements Consideration of options Support to the city   Context The aim of the project is to study the possibilities of Fecal Sludge Management (FSM) through private sector participation schemes including through a public-private partnership [...]

Chadian Water Company (STE)



2013 - 2016 Global Management Contract for the Chadian Water Company (STE) Full initial assessment of staff organization and capacities and definition of an extensive training program   Context The World Bank funded PADUR aims at enhancing the performances of the Chad Water Utility – Société Tchadienne des Eaux through the recruitment of a [...]


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2018 Detailed diagnosis of the civil engineering aspects and definition of technical specifications for the rehabilitation works of the SPRET Diagnosis of the civil engineering Effluent pre-treatment plant with a capacity of 2,500m³/h H2S gases Context SEURECA, the consulting and engineering branch of Veolia, requested the service of Altereo to address a civil-engineering related [...]

National Authority for Drinking Water and Sanitation (DINEPA)



2012 - 2013 Audit of the Water Company of Saint-Marc (SESAM) Yield Audit Performance   Context The Water Company of Saint Marc (SESAM - a subsidiary of a French company with manpower of 40) has been the Public Service Delegation entity for drinking water in the city of Saint Marc since 2009. The contract [...]