National Sanitation Office (Tunisia)



2014 - 2018 Setting up a sewer network GIS for the  Greater Tunis area Operational web-based GIS 16 900 km of sewer networks 119 treatment plants 788 pumping stations   Context Through this project, ONAS’s objective is to deploy a GIS in coordination with the operational information system for its business activities on the Grand Tunis area: [...]

Ministry of Water and Forests (Ivory Coast)

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2018 Audit of the reforestation policies in Ivory Coast and the establishment of a reforestation database for the protected forest sector Diagnosis of reforestation management Establishment of a cartographic database   Context The general objective of the reforestation policy audit is to carry out a diagnosis of the reforestation process in Cote d’Ivoire from 1928 [...]

Abidjan District (Ivory Coast)

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2019 Supply and set up of a Collective Wastewater and Sanitation GIS in Cloud Mode within the Framework of the Study for Upgrading the Sanitation and Drainage Master Plan of Abidjan District Implementation of the GIS KIS® GIS development Construction of data base   Context Following a C2D (French Development Agency) financed project, carried [...]

LYDEC (Marocco)

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2009 + continuous improvement Setting up a GIS for Drinking Water, Sanitation and Public Lighting Systems Developing a “Full Web” system Data migration without service interruption 3 646 km drinking water networks 4 157 km waste water networks 7 697 km electricity networks   Context The project is the deployment of a large-scale IT [...]

Phnom Penh (Cambodia)

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2015 Setting up a Water sector GIS for PPWSA Phnom Penh Water Supply Authority Defining a GIS data model + data integration Reorganising service process Training staff and users 2 450 km of water supply networks + 140 km of additional network per year   Context With its 1,500,000 inhabitants, 1800 km of water mains, [...]