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    SIVOM of the Issoire Region


    2015 Consolidating the asset database and preparing an optimised pipeline renewal program Construction, update and operation of a GIS database Multiannual pipeline replacement program via SIROCO® 1,800 km of networks 157 reservoirs 100 infrastructures for drinking water production

    Nha Trang (Vietnam)


    2012 Study and support in the modernisation of the management techniques to improve the water supply service Deployment of  Cartajour Water Supply GIS Setting up an autonomous GIS team within the water utility Optimised water network replacement strategy using the SIROCO® expert system 750 km of networks   Context Nha Trang, The Government of Vietnam has set [...]

    PIPDA (Belgium)


    2012 Pilot asset management project for PIPDA (Anvers Province) networks with the joint support of KANEW and SIROCO® Pilot project on 937 km of networks Projection and long-term planning for the 50 upcoming years with KANEW Short-term programming with SIROCO®   Context Following the International Water Association's reference conference on wealth management, LESAM 2009 in [...]

    Béziers Méditerranée Urban Community


    2014 Setting up a water and sanitation network asset management strategy Implementing a full-web GIS Acquisition and integration of data Training, development and maintenance Setting up the SIROCO® and Indigau® services® et Indigau® 13 towns 690 km of water supply networks 700 km of drinking water networks