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The Altereo adventure

Christian Laplaud, graduate of ESTP, created G2C environnement in 1989 for carrying out engineering-consulting studies for local government clients. Over the two following decades, the company would expand its knowhow to several different domains resulting in the creation of the firms G2C ingénierie and G2C informatique in 2006 under the parent holding company, Altereo. Since then, the company has continued on its trajectory towards growth and development through different projects worldwide and the creation of international subsidiaries.

October 2019

June 2019

30th anniversary of Altereo in Marseille with the whole staff for two days of seminar and one day at sea and a few memorable evenings in between

December 2018

Launch of HpO®, innovation based on Artificial Intelligence designed for water network failure risk prediction (mains, service connections, accessories). HpO® simultaneously optimises leak detection AND network replacement with efficiencies of investment programs up to 10 times higher than current practices!

July 2018

July 2017

December 2016

The Alterbio project is completed providing Altereo with a tool for ecological modeling

May 2016

Cart@jour KIS® is launched, giving users access to a full-web version of GIS, giving users access to a full-web version of GIS

December 2015

Culmination of the SIRHYUS project allowing for the optimization of satellite data for the service of territorial engineering

November 2014

August 2013

July 2013

December 2012

September 2011

November 2010

Launch of the shared corporate strategy project, encouraging collective reflections within the group on the future of Altereo

November 2009

November 2008

January 2008

November 2007

April 2006

The most significant year for Altereo since its creation. takeover of SFEC, specializing in the manufacture of water purification units and based in Lyon
Creation of the Altereo holding group
G2C environnement becomes G2C ingénierie
G2C informatique is created as the independent brand specializing in the development and publishing of the GIS software – Cart@jour, now evolved into KIS (Knowledge Information System)

November 2002

The cities and territorial management department, now known as G2C territoires, is created, thus allowing G2C environment to better define its activities

November 1999

November 1998

Creation of the GSP (Public Service Management) department for providing collectivities with operational support in managing their relationships with the concession holders. Today, this service is available via the brand G2C services publics.

November 1995

January 1992

Creation of the wastewater Department

December 1991

The Paris agency is opened; the first of many that now cover the French metropolitan territory (Arras, Bordeaux, Brive, Rouen, Lyon, Nancy, Montpellier, Nantes, Toulouse)

February 1990

G2C commences the distribution of InfoCAD (the first Windows compatible GIS)

January 1990

April 1989

Creation of G2C environnement with the objective of providing consultancy and technical assistance services to local and territorial collectivities for the optimisation of water and wastewater infrastructures.