“After 3 years of fruitful collaboration, the results are particularly positive and the partnership continues!”

Sébastien FAYON, Head of the Asset Management Department – Master Plans at SEDIF

R&D services: Analysis and prediction of pipe breaks, connections, fittings and replacement of water networks

In order to optimize the management of its network assets in a sustainable and innovative way, the Syndicat des Eaux d’Ile-de-France (SEDIF) is exploring artificial intelligence tools. It is thus quite natural that it approached Altereo within the framework of a research and development agreement concerning the analysis and prediction of network failures and decision support for replacement.

After 3 years of fruitful collaboration, the results are particularly positive and the partnership is continuing!

The collaboration between SEDIF and Altereo has notably allowed the definition and deployment of a tool to establish optimised pipe renewal programmes, the co-development of an automatic construction module for worksites and the study of new components linked to climate change. The quality of the exchanges and services provided over the last few years should be emphasised, with a dedicated team that is committed, highly skilled and always ready to listen.

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“The enthusiasm and competence of the representative of Altereo facilitated interesting technical inputs and also brought together a network of professional partners, which helped develop a real territorial dynamic”

Barbara CHOLLEY, Studies and Projects Officer – Spokesperson for Construction and Public Works Waste, Sea and Biodiversity Directorate

Facilitation mission to improve the integration of circular economy in public procurement applied to construction and public works contracts, within the framework of the European Project LIFE IP Smart Waste 

Altereo was responsible for the leadership and coordination of the technical working group « construction and public works waste », led by ADEME Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur and co-piloted by ADEME Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur and Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region between 2015 and 2018. The enthusiasm and competence of the representative of Altereo brought not only extremely interesting technical inputs, but also allowed to consolidate a network of professional partners and to develop a real territorial dynamic. At the end of the mission, the participants asked for the continuation of this working group, seeking continuity with respect to the technical exchanges and for ensuring that the management and prevention of construction waste proceed together. It is largely this working group which is at the origin of the dynamics from which the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region has been able to benefit. This has allowed them to be a pioneer in France of a specific type of monitoring by the Regional Waste Observatory with respect to the construction and public works waste stream, and also of a particular coordination with project owners since 2017.

“The elected officials appreciated their consulting capacities and their ability to take the local context into account”

Natacha BILLET, Director – Environment and Risk Prevention

Prospective study for water resource protection and GEMAPI 

Orleans Metropole sought to award a study aimed at facilitating decision-making support given the context of them acquiring two new competences: drinking water taking into account ‘the preservation of water resources’, and the management of aquatic environments and flood prevention (in French, GEMAPI). The study was broken down into two phases: a diagnosis phase involving discussions with local actors, and a phase for developing functional, technical and economic scenarios. As project manager, I appreciated the availability and attentiveness of the Altereo staff and their legal partner. The elected officials also appreciated the team’s consulting capacities and their ability to take the local context into account during steering committee meetings. The mission had stringent deadlines, and they were all respected. Overall, Altereo’s work has allowed elected officials to have their positions on a scenario that is now to be implemented.

“The presentations made by Altereo during the general meeting involved an extremely promising educational process”

Jean-Paul BACQUET, of the Association SIVOM de la Région d’Issoire et de Communes de la Banlieue Sud Clermontoise

Optimized programming for renewing drinking water pipelines

It is not common to appeal simultaneously to both elected officials and professionals; however, the presentations made by Altereo during the general meeting involved an extremely promising educational process. We are following the renewal program and have already committed two tranches for 8 million euros.


“Compelling results from the very first annual campaign, to the satisfaction of ONEMA”

Eric BREJOUX, Project director at the public service observatory for water and sanitation

Improving the quality and quantity of data inside SISPEA, the national database

Altereo intervened and continues to intervene locally and on an ad hoc basis for Onema, in the context of a quality approach to support the public service observatory for water and sanitation (contract for 2015-2018). It assists State departmental services to upgrade the description of municipalities and their utilities to be provided to the national database, and to help organising utilities to transfer their performance indicators. The specialisation and the skill development of the team ensured that compelling results were obtained both on qualitative (proper representation of the smaller municipalities) and quantitative (high participation rates of municipalities and very good rates for filling datasets) aspects from the very first annual campaign which took place in the first half of 2016.

“I contacted Altereo for a GEMAPI Workshop. The two structures, Altereo and AKLEA, were very complementary, which allowed for a lively, concise and well-conducted presentation from a technical and pedagogical point of view”

Joël HERBACH, Urban Planning Director of Vichy Communauté

GEMAPI Workshops for the elected officials of the Clermont Vichy Auvergne Metropolitan Area

I contacted Altereo for a GEMAPI Workshop in which we needed to be supported by legal experts to present the details and applications of the law behind GEMAPI in a complete, concise and effective manner. AKLEA, the firm that we contacted for this purpose, proposed working together with Altereo, which seemed to us like an excellent idea.
The added value brought by the complementarity of the two structures Altereo and AKLEA allowed, thanks to the preliminary exchanges we had, for a lively, concise and well-conducted presentation from a technical and pedagogical point of view. This joint presentation and the ensuing debate were very much appreciated. I am also personally quite satisfied with the outcome, given the objective of informing and raising awareness among elected representatives, in particular from the Clermont Vichy Auvergne Metropolitan Cluster. I will not hesitate to recommend this team of experts to other communities for a similar operation.


“The method provided by Altereo is now the reference basis for our assets”

Christian CLÉMENT, Director

Preparing pricing basis to prepare for the updating of water and sanitation service assets inventory

In 2010, in anticipation of the creation of the Eau du Ponant SPL, Brest métropole began work on reconstituting a database of its fixed assets, enabling the local public company to manage its depreciation and provisions in accordance with accounting rules. In particular, was necessary to reconstitute a financial database from the technical databases of the community to reconstitute its original value for each section of the network and to deduct its net book value. Altereo employees undertook this task with professionalism and with positivity. They explored our archives and prepared a methodology for modeling historical costs. This method has been validated by the Treasurer and is currently the reference basis for our assets.

“It has brought about an environment of confidence”

Carine FERNANDES, Head of the Bureau for Built Asset Management and GIS

Specialized full-web GIS for the Water and Sanitation Directorate

The service provided by Altereo meets the needs of the DEA. Altereo has proposed solutions in line with our planning. Similarly, Altereo is always available in case of GIS-related issues or questions. Over the years, this has brought about in an environment of confidence. The tools put in place allow us to work in collaborative mode and to be responsive.


“I would like to thank you for the quality and pedagogy of the training session”

Jean-Marc GOARNISSON, head of drinking water and sanitation services (SEA)

Training for the staff of the Departmental Council on the small water cycle – from resources to network and infrastructure asset management comprising of technical and financial aspects

From the entire team of the SEA, I would like to thank you for the high quality training and pedagogy employed by Altereo while explaining a complex subject in a span of 3 days!! Bravo for having mobilized a team of experts to provide us with the keys for understanding and for highlighting the areas needing attention while monitoring studies and projects on drinking water. We can now collectively lead by example on how to avoid running “into the wall” and aim towards “just” pricing of water for intergenerational solidarity! Thank you again and see you very soon for more Finistrian studies.


“I would like to underline the quality of the services provided by Altereo”

Ronan LE GOASTER, Operations and Production Manager

Preliminary diagnosis for the refurbishment work on the drinking water storage tanks (production assets) and project management for the rehabilitation of concrete infrastructure – programme 2016-2019

The Eau de Morbihan syndicate has collaborated with Altereo since 2014 for the diagnosis of over 50 drinking water storage reservoirs, and for the project management of the multi-annual rehabilitation works required for a few of them. I would like to underline the quality of the services provided by Altereo, in the diagnosis as well the project management aspects, thanks to the proven expertise and the involvement of the engineers with whom we work. Eau du Morbihan is thoroughly satisfied for having chosen Altereo for the project management – client partnership which shall continue until 2020.

“A useful consultancy, which brings a real added-value”

Edouard JUN, Director of the territorial development centre

Preparation of a Local Urban Plan

The Altereo team is in-depth and very accessible at the same time. Their investment in the project never changes based on the context – urban or rural, which is extremely appreciated. To summarise: a useful consultancy, which brings a real added-value.


“This has initiated a real sense of partnership within the utility-project manager-constructor triad”

Hakim HAIKEL, Service manager

Diagnosis of the civil engineering of the WWTP at Macarez (100,000 P.E.)
Project support for rehabilitation (2M€ of work, 190K€ of project support)

The SIAV (Valenciennes) is confronted with a preponderant issue concerning the integrity of its sanitation system with the prolongation of the service life of its treatment plant at Valenciennes (100,000 P.E.). Several civil engineering infrastructures suffer from major disorders and require rehabilitation using sophisticated techniques.

To this end, the SIAV assigned Altereo the mission to conduct diagnosis studies and to carry out project support. The Altereo team of Hauts-de-France, backed up by the expertise of Denis SAVOYE, was able to produce high-quality output by carrying out project studies and preparing tender documents for enterprises, in particular the production of the technical specifications from scratch, which is very rare. The pathologies encountered were identified and addressed with technical responses guaranteeing the required additional service life of at least 20 years.

The follow-up of the execution studies and the works in progress is ongoing with an increased presence and an always relevant analysis of the vagaries of site. The work contract resulting from the studies being clear and balanced, a real partnership has been established within the utility–project manager–constructor triad ensuring the success of the rehabilitation operation.

“I can attest that Altereo has given me, to this day, a complete satisfaction in a climate of respect and trust”

Yves DESVERNES, Mayor of Darney

Carrying out project management contracts for the Commune of Darney

Initially, following a call for tenders, Altereo was selected to carry out the diagnostic study of the Commune’s drinking water network from April 2014 to January 2016. Following the result of this study and the formal notice of the Prefect to remedy the excessively high level of arsenic, Altereo was reselected in March 2016 following the call for tenders for the construction of a raw water treatment plant. The works are currently in progress

I am thoroughly satisfied by the collaboration between the Commune and Altereo.

During the diagnostic study, the timeline and requirements of each phase were scrupulously respected and their restitution presented in the town hall together with the interested services. The final presentation detailed the recommendations that are the subject of a five-year work program.

With regards to the follow up contract, the study and works regarding the raw water treatment plant, Altereo has demonstrated the same quality of output. The technician in charge showed excellent responsiveness to each of our concerns. Their presence and punctuality at each weekly meeting facilitated greatly the decisions to be taken on the construction site. As a result, the monitoring and follow-up of the companies for all additional procurement was made easy.

In conclusion, I can attest that Altereo has given me, to this day, a complete satisfaction in a climate of respect and trust.

“Overall, the municipality was extremely satisfied with the service provided on all aspects: management of deadline, team updates, technical quality of the work carried out, quality of deliverables”

Jean-François BOISSON, Director General of Services for the town of VAL DE MEUSE

Civil engineering diagnosis of reservoirs

The town of VAL DE MEUSE assigned Altereo with the task of structural diagnosis of two important drinking water reservoirs within its territory. This mission was complicated by the need to present a final comparative study of possible technical and financial solutions for the rehabilitation of structures, which would allow for informed decision-making. Overall, the municipality was extremely satisfied with the service provided on all aspects: management of deadlines, team updates, technical quality of the work carried out, quality of deliverables.

“We would like to highlight your professionalism and your availability”

Daniel SBAGLIA, First Deputy Mayor

Drinking Water Supply Master Plan for the town of Rédange

The town of Rédange would like to thank Altereo for the quality of the services provided. We would like to highlight here your professionalism and your availability. Altereo is the partner that knew how to raise awareness prior to the mission and to continue listening, for providing suggestions, after the preparation of the study.


“I can verify the efficiency and professionalism of the entire team”

Patrick DEBRABANDERE, technical deputy

Project management for the renewal of the pipelines of the village centre

The works on the networks were carried out very well, with attention paid to the technical plans as well as the human aspects. The project was carried out by qualified personnel who were proficient in their fields. I can verify the efficiency and professionalism of the entire team. The work was done well and in all serenity.