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Your reservoirs and other infrastructure need to be monitored, maintained and often renovated


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Simplified Diagnosis
Detailed Diagnosis
Taking the lead on detailed investigations
Annual Monitoring Protocol

« Visually enhancing » infrastructures

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Réhabilitation de la STEP du SIA de Valenciennes 100 000 EH
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Structural diagnosis and support in the renovation of over 400 infrastructures so far !



“This has initiated a real sense of partnership within the utility-project manager-constructor triad”

Hakim HAIKEL, Service manager

Diagnosis of the civil engineering of the WWTP at Macarez (100,000 P.E.)
Project support for rehabilitation (2M€ of work, 190K€ of project support)

The SIAV (Valenciennes) is confronted with a preponderant issue concerning the integrity of its sanitation system with the prolongation of the service life of its treatment plant at Valenciennes (100,000 P.E.). Several civil engineering infrastructures suffer from major disorders and require rehabilitation using sophisticated techniques.

To this end, the SIAV assigned Altereo the mission to conduct diagnosis studies and to carry out project support. The Altereo team of Hauts-de-France, backed up by the expertise of Denis SAVOYE, was able to produce high-quality output by carrying out project studies and preparing tender documents for enterprises, in particular the production of the technical specifications from scratch, which is very rare. The pathologies encountered were identified and addressed with technical responses guaranteeing the required additional service life of at least 20 years.

The follow-up of the execution studies and the works in progress is ongoing with an increased presence and an always relevant analysis of the vagaries of site. The work contract resulting from the studies being clear and balanced, a real partnership has been established within the utility–project manager–constructor triad ensuring the success of the rehabilitation operation.




Detailed diagnosis of the civil engineering aspects and definition of technical specifications for the rehabilitation works of the SPRET

Diagnosis of the civil engineering

Effluent pre-treatment plant with a capacity of 2,500m³/h
H2S gases


SEURECA, the consulting and engineering branch of Veolia, requested the service of Altereo to address a civil-engineering related issue at the SPRET (Effluent pre-treatment plant with a capacity of 2,500m³/h). The plant is located in Tangier, which has a population of one million.

The mission comprises a detailed diagnosis of the civil engineering together with the definition of technical specifications for the rehabilitation works leading to call for proposals for the performance of the plant.

Given the complexity of the subject matter, SEURECA asked Altereo to begin by carrying out a preliminary reconnaissance visit.


Project Description

This first short-term mission comprised taking into account the issue of visition the facility to meet the partners, namely AMENDIS (a subsidiary of VEOLIA), operator of all facilities within Tangier, and LPEE (Moroccan structure and material laboratory).

The degradation of the facilities is linked to very high concentrations of H2S gases (up to 300 ppm during midsummer). This gas is present in confined structures such as those of the SPRET, and is oxidized to sulfuric acid H2SO4 by chemical means but mainly by biochemical means.

On the Tangier facility, the concrete is leached and completely disintegrates under acid attack, sometimes passking through a thicknesses of more than 30 mm. Most of the epoxy resin or hydraulic binder coatings on the vertical walls of some structures have been completely destroyed and the lower reinforcement beds of the roof slabs are visible.


Eau du Morbihan


Simplified diagnosis of the reservoirs of Eau de Morbihan

Compilation of existing documents
Analysis of infrastructure exposure to their environment
Verification of on-site security
Structural condition assessment
Definition and prioritisation of works

49 reservoirs


Régie Eau Azur


Detailed diagnosis of concrete infrastructures

Inventory of pathologies
Investigation anomaly causes
Risk analysis against weather conditions
Quantified proposals for works/repairs
Assistance in the definition of specifications for rehabilitation works

2 reservoirs of 6,000 m³ and 3,000 m³


SIA de Valenciennes


Project management for the rehabilitation of concrete infrastructures and waste water treatment plant equipment

Complete project management: diagnosis, project definition, supervision of execution, contract management, scheduling, site coordination, client support for delivery operations

70,000 PE wastewater treatment plant (activated sludge)


SIA de Valenciennes


Technical assistance for infrastructure diagnosis

Preliminary investigations
Auscultation of structures
Visual evaluation
Analytical compilation
Summary report

100,000 PE wastewater treatment plant (activated sludge)
6 infrastructures


Toulouse Metropole


Project management for rehabilitation works on reservoirs, pumping stations and drinking water production plants

Complete project management: diagnosis, project definition, supervision of execution, contract management, scheduling, client support for delivery operations

37 towns
3292 km of networks
Over 700,000 inhabitants




Rehabilitation of the reservoirs of Lavazière

Complete project management: diagnosis, project definition, supervision of execution, contract management, scheduling, site coordination, client support for delivery operations

2 reservoirs of 4,000 m³ and 6,000 m³

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